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HEY FAM!, First of all I want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for supporting my music, and secondly, I'm announcing a NEW RELEASE!

It's been a minute between releases, but I've been on a journey of discovery about myself and my music.

I have always struggled with the thought of releasing my music to the world. I've released a few things, but still have hundreds of projects just sitting on hard drives.

I would often listen to some of them and think, "Maybe I can do something with these", or "What if I change this part?"- but never release any of them, because they weren't good enough or complete.

Would I forever be working on things and never releasing them?

I have been wanting to release music for the longest time, but never really have. But then I realized that the tracks that I've made have contributed to the artist and producer that I am now.

These are far from perfect beats, but I want to release them so that I have a baseline to move forward from. I need to remember where I've been so that I can bring those lessons into the music that I'm creating now.

I hope you enjoy the music. But more importantly, I hope that whatever you're working on, whether it is music or otherwise, you believe in your work. Know that you may not be the best, but constant and incremental change will get you there.

Thank You & Much Love,

Don .

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