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Changing the Narrative

The Cheatcoders spoke with the boys from The Concrete Jungle at Koori Radio about the inaccurate negative perceptions of Western Sydney and how we are trying to change that narrative by showcasing and promoting the talented & driven creatives that live there.

Western Sydney has always had a stigma about it. It's been labeled a "rough area" and the people are painted as being of lower education and socio-economic status.

Even though parts of the West have been gentrified, It seems like we still negatively stereotype people from certain postcodes.

I have met so many talented people and seen great businesses popping up in the West. There is a movement of culture that is hard to ignore. As The Cheatcoders, we have had the privilege of interviewing such people and finding out their stories.

I personally get an immense feeling of inspiration and pride just being around them.

The truth is people from Western Sydney are talented, capable, and strong-willed individuals. We build for our families and our communities. I want to spread the mindset that your postcode does not dictate your potential. Check out The Cheatcoders where we interview local talent and creatives, sharing their stories to promote and grow the culture. We release an episode every Wednesday.

Tune in to The Concrete Jungle Show Every Monday on Koori Radio 93.7FM

Check out episodes of The Cheatcoders Podcast on Spotify, Apple/ Android Podcasts and all streaming platforms.

The Cheatcoders x The Concrete Jungle @ Koori Radio

The Cheatcoders x The Concrete Jungle @ Koori Radio

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